Dating excuses- how quickly the tide turns

seawaves on sands

Photo by Pok Rie on

The tide of the ocean can seem to turn quickly at times. You may be walking along on a wide stretch of sturdy sand, feeling like you are walking straight ahead with a clear direction and the knowledge that one foot will follow the other at a repetitive and comfortable pace. Suddenly a big wave comes up to change the shoreline and chases you sideways while you desperately try to keep your shoes dry. You end up sidestepping or hop along with one wet shoe, having to scurry up the beach a bit more and jump over the seaweed or rotting jellyfish lying abandoned from an earlier tide. The wave may be so big it stops you from continuing and forces you to take a new path, moving off the beach altogether.

Dating is like the tide. One minute you have a date, or maybe even two, lined up but don’t think that you know what to expect. Don’t get too excited or prepare anything in advance. Before you know it, they’ve changed direction and ‘postponed’ the date. Sure they may get nervous or not feel up to it, just like anyone, but the reasons or excuses that I’ve been given have been outstanding!

A colleague said to me, “It sounds so bizarre, it must be true.” So I wonder, are guys making up weird and wonderful excuses to bamboozle us? I’m sure they want to keep their options open while they date and juggle multiple women. Or are some of them actually true? Most of the time, us girls will never know. What do you think- are these real reasons or fake excuses?

“Can we postpone tonight? A mate has been locked out of his house and asked if he can hang at mine, I couldn’t say no”

“Sorry I can’t do tomorrow, I’m on my way to the hospital. My Dad’s had a heart attack.”

After 24 hours of silence….. “I got knocked out at work”

“I’m just making dinner. I can meet up with you once my steak is cooked” (I didn’t hear from him til the next day.)

“I’ve been working night shift, sorry I’m so tired I just need a nap. I’ll give you a buzz when I wake up.” (Poor guy, I don’t think he ever woke up from that nap!)

“Hey I like petite girls, what do you weigh? I only date girls under 50kg. If there was ever a fire in the house, I need to be able to lift you over my shoulder to carry you out.”

“Which girl are you in the photo again?” (When I replied the older one with the bigger face, I got deleted and stood up)

Why am I still single? Because I am strong and independent and won’t put up with this bullshit. I’ll just wait for the tide to turn again! At least the tide washes away all the rubbish and makes everything fresh again. So ladies, let the flotsam and jetsam wash around your feet and you can be confident that the tide will turn and the waves will take away the rubbish.

The (not so) little starfish


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