Eight weeks, eight disasters for eight eggs

Two months ago, my investment property almost burnt down. Whilst the fire department saved it structurally, the electrical wiring was damaged and the smoke damage to the roof meant it was no longer inhabitable. I had to break the lease and lost my renters. This was so incredibly stressful and totally out of my control. I haven’t experienced such immense financial pressure before.


The sewerage system at my rented property failed and the fecal matter from 12 apartments floated down the main street with strangers buzzing my door out of concern and disgust.

The shower door broke off the hinge and had to sit in my hallway for 3 weeks awaiting parts and the fancy (2 weeks on order) bathroom light broke as well, trying to put on make-up in the semi light.

My dog was at the vet for a sore on her face and ear infection.

My Dad was in hospital having tests done on his heart.

My cousin was taken out of the country due to sad custody arrangements.

I had decided to freeze my eggs before I got any older!

However, I think that I’ve had so many things going wrong this year so that my follicle stimulating hormone injections and egg freezing could go right.

I arrived to a reception desk for my last virginal scan surrounded by hopeful couples. One had just been to see the nurse and when she returned to her partner, he gave her a long reassuring hug and she whispered to him intimately ‘kiss me.’ He then stood rubbing her back whilst she paid the bill.

I rocked up alone and without needing comfort. Single girls have to be strong, we don’t have a choice. It gets swallowed up inside us. But I realised that I am going through this process excited by the future. The hopeful couples are most likely arriving downtrodden and disappointed, possibly questioning what’s wrong with them, with a history of failure to conceive weighing them down.

By day 7, I felt the small eggs like little rocks when I walked. The scan showed that the largest was 1.9 cm so they really were like little pebbles. I felt very tired early on, like a big seal that just wants to lie on the sand. My stomach felt very full and I really struggled cutting down on coffee! However I was booked in for the egg retrieval during day 14 so it’s really a short process compared to carrying a baby for 9 months.

Arcto the resident seal, Mornington Peninsula

Day 11 revealed that I had seven eggs that could be retrieved for freezing. This was the first time I had felt disappointed as we were aiming for ten. I started to doubt whether this process had been worth the money and questioned whether this would give me the fertility reassurance later on in life that I was hoping for. I tried to remain positive- seven was better than none!

photo of a woman hugging a blue pillow

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

The big day arrived and I fell fast asleep under the anaesthesia before I could think about the six people in the room that would be looking into my nook and cranny. I recovered well with none of the horrible side affects that I was warned about (vomiting and bleeding). The letter Dr Knight left for me confirmed that they had taken eight eggs! My favourite number. I spent the rest of the day in bed and watching movies with a heat pack. I felt uncomfortable for the next week with stomach pain but with Panadol, codeine, Neurophen and beer, I still hit the road and made it to Oktoberfest for a roaring day out only 3 days after the procedure.

My fate was sealed… or frozen! Eight little eggs.


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